Clarifilter CLF-04 Compatible with Jura Claris White Coffee Machine Filter

Clarifilter CLF-04, high quality TÜV certified coffee machine water filter compatible with the Jura Claris White.

TÜV Tested and Certified

BPA Free

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Clarifilter CLF-04 Compatible with Jura Claris White Coffee Machine Filter.

TÜV Tested and Certified - Our jug and coffee filters have all completed rigorous TÜV testing and certification to ensure the reduction of chlorine taste and odour as well as reducing heavy metals and other harmful substances and microorganisms from the water. This ensures a higher-quality, safer drinking water and also proves the reliability and efficiency of our filters.

This filter is easy to install and operate, and comes with instructions on how to correctly flush before use. This gets rid of any residual carbon dust from the process of making your new filter. Not only will this filter give you better water but it also helps reduce any blockages in your machine from limescale and calcium deposits.

Please be aware: It is advised for continuation of a fresher, better smelling and tasting coffee and to prolong the life of your appliance it is advised to change the filter every 2 months or 50 litres, depending which comes first

This filter will fit the following models:


Claris White, Clearyl White, 64553, 7520, Capresso E8, S9, Impressa One Touch, E10, E25, E30, E40, E45, E5, E50, E55, E60, E65, E70, E74, E80, E85, J5, S50, S55, S7, S7 Avantgarde, S70, S75, S85, S9, Avantgarde, S90, Nespresso N9, N90, F5, F50, F70, F9, F90, C5, C9 Impressa (models manufactured before November 2009 may be fitted with the Claris White, whereas models manufactured after November 2009 may have the Blue version filter)

**Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only**

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