Clarifilter CLF-257760 Compatible with Panasonic CNRAH-257760 Fridge Filter

The Clarifilter CLF-257760 is a great compatible replacement Panasonic CNRAH-257760 fridge filter. This filter is made using high-quality, WRAS certified materials.

WRAS Approved

Manufactured Using NSF Standard Materials

BPA Free

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This compatible CNRAH 257760 fridge filter is for Panasonic side-by-side refridgerators. This part is also a low cost alternative to the Panasonic CNRBH-125950 filter cartridge. It actively removes harmful contaminants from your fridge’s water supply. It incorporates a heavy duty sintered carbon block that attracts all of the hazardous content away from your water supply. 

As this is not the manufacturer’s original cartridge, it is remarkably lower priced. However, you do not need to worry about any quality issues as this has been produced to the same standard.

Excellent Filtration Performance – This product is manufactured using materials that meet NSF standards.

WRAS Tested and Approved – The in-depth testing by WRAS ensures that our filter does not impart odour or flavour on the water, ensures the water is free from change in colour or appearance, does not enhance microbial growth or leach harmful substances or metals into the water. WRAS approval means that our filters comply with strict Water Supply Regulations or Scottish Byelaws.

Technical Specifications:

  • Min. operating temperature: 0.6 °C / 33 °F
  • Max. operating temperature: 38 °C /100 °F
  • Min. working pressure 172kPa / 25 PSI
  • Max. working pressure: 862kPa /125 PSI
  • Rated capacity: 200 litres / 757 gallons
  • Flow rate: 1.89 lpm / 0.5 gpm


  • Remove the drawer of the Vitamine-Sofa Zone.
  • Remove the filter panel.
  • Tilt the water filter slightly upwards.
  • Turn the filter cartridge counter clockwise by 90 degrees and pull it towards you.
  • Install the new water filter.
  • Run water through the water dispenser for 5 minutes to purge the system.
  • Reset the "Filter Reset" light by holding down the Ice/Water dispenser button for at least 3 seconds.

When to change a filter: The filter cartridge should be replaced when the replacement indicator light turns red, or every 6 months, or if you notice a decrease in the flow of water from the dispenser.

Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by the water filter device are not necessarily to be found in your water.

It is essential that operation, maintenance and filter replacement be carried out in accordance with manufacturer's recommended procedures and guidelines for this product to perform as advertised. Failure to do so may void warranty.

Important: Install on cold water line only.

Note: This filter also helps reduce lime-scale build-up to protect your refrigerator and ice maker.

This filter will fit the following models:


CNRAH-257760,CNRBH-125950, NR-B53V1, NR-B53V1-XB, NR-B53V1-X1D, NR-B53VW1-WE, NR-B54X1, NR-B54X1-WB, NR-B54X1-WE

This filter is suitable for all side-by-side Panasonic refrigerators

Compatible with the following fridge models:


NRBS53VW3B American Fridge Freezer (Plumbed in)

FilterLogic FFL-170P, FL-330, AquaHouse AH-PCN, IcePure RWF3400A, FinerFilters FF-173

**Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only**

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