Clarifilter Water Filter Jug

The Clarifilter 3.5 Litre Filter Jug is a high quality filter pitcher that takes Clarifilter CLF-07 cartridges.

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The Clarifilter  Filter Jug gives you fresh and tasty drinking water with ease. With a large 3.5 litre capacity, the jug makes drinking water a simple and pleasant part of your day

This Jug comes with one of our Clarfilter CLF-07 filters to allow you to use it as soon as it arrives.

The Clarifilter CLF-07 is a high quality, TÜV certified filter compatible with the Clarifilter Jug, as well as Brita Maxtra, and Mavea jug filters.

TÜV Tested and Certified - Our jug and coffee filters have all completed rigorous TÜV testing and certification to ensure the reduction of chlorine taste and odour as well as reducing heavy metals and other harmful substances and microorganisms from the water. This ensures a higher-quality, safer drinking water and also proves the reliability and efficiency of our filters.

Each cartridge lasts approximately 1 month/150 litres.

Installation Instructions:

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

1. Remove the filter from all packaging and shake filter gently for 10 seconds.

2. IMPORTANT - Place the filter into a bowl of clean, cold tap water - push down gently until fully submerged, and occasionally shake the filter for about a minute while submerged to release any trapped bubbles of air.

After this, leave it submerged for a further 10-15 minutes.

3. Remove the filter from the water and rinse it under a tap to clean it.

4. Fit the filter into your filter jug. Replace hopper and fill with cold water.

Allow the water to filter through and discard.

Repeat this step twice more. It is now ready to be used

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